Multiple Teams · Smiley Brothers Tell All

In a rare interview with the Smiley brothers, Mr. Starks asks the tough questions to give readers an in-depth and personal look into the world of wrestling and the brothers who are dominating their competition.

Mr. Starks: How long have you been wrestling and what got you interested in the sport?

Evan: I started wrestling when I was in kindergarten with the youth club. My dad got me interested in the sport by taking me to Beech Grove meets and the state finals.

Ethan: 11 years and Evan started wrestling and I wanted to be like him so I wrestled.

Mr. Starks: What weight class do you wrestle in?

Evan: I wrestle in the 145 pound weight class.

Evan: 113 pound class.

Mr. Starks: Do you two ever wrestle each other, and if so, who usually wins?

Evan: We don’t wrestle often but when we do I definitely come out on top.

Ethan: We usually don’t wrestle each other, but when we do I feel like a rabbit being tossed around by a bear.

Mr. Starks: Do you have a favorite move you like to bust out during a competition? Mine is the choke slam but I’m not sure if that is legal in high school wrestling.

Evan: I am a big fan of the choke slam but if I had to pick a certain move that I like it would be an arm bar.

Ethan: My go to shot on the feet is a knee-pull single that I hit to either leg.

Mr. Starks: Besides the skills, what is the most important thing that wrestling has taught you?

Evan: The most important thing wrestling has taught me is hard work and self discipline. In wrestling your success is fully dependent on how much you work at it. There is no one else out there on the mat with you to blame and that’s one of my favorite aspects of the sport.

Ethan: The most important thing wrestling has taught me is work ethic. Wrestling is a tough sport and requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Mr. Starks: Do you think WWE wrestling cheapens your sport or helps your sport gain exposure?  Do you like WWE, do you think it is silly, or do you not really think about it?

Evan: I think WWE wrestling does cheapen our sport in some ways but does give some amateur wrestlers a platform to make some good money like Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. I am a big fan of WWE wrestling and amateur wrestlers like Brock Lesnar that went into the business. I have been a big fan of WWE sense I was a little kid. If I had an opportunity to step in between the WWE ropes I would.

Ethan: I think WWE is very entertaining and brings exposure to the sport by having little kids want to wrestle because they think its what they see on TV.

Mr. Starks: Do either of you wish to continue wrestling after high school?  Either way, what schools are you looking at after high school?

Evan: I have verbally committed to wrestle next year at the University of Indianapolis and I should have my signing in March.

Ethan: Yes I would like to compete in college. I really like Wabash and what their program is about.

Mr. Starks: If both of you could team up and take on Coach Irwin, do you think you could pin him or would he pummel you both into the mat?

Evan: I think we could certainly take out Coach Irwin if we combined our strengths but it would be a dog fight. If we had the Big Man Jared Earles on our team it would be a decisive victory.

Ethan: Evan and I together would be able to get him eventually, but if we had Jared Earles, Irwin would be no match.

Mr. Starks: What style of wrestling do you think is the most exciting Freestyle, Greco Roman, Sumo, or Turkish Oil Wrestling?

Evan: I think freestyle is probably the most exciting especially at the Olympic level with the likes of Jordan Burroughs and Jordan Oliver.  Greco can be exciting if there is a huge slam but other then that it can be pretty boring.  After researching Turkish oil wrestling I think I’ll have to travel to Turkey to check it out.

Ethan: I don’t think one style is more entertaining than another. I believe as long as there are two guys out there looking to score points, those are the most fun matches to watch.

Gentlemen, thank you so much for your answers and we wish you the best of luck this Saturday, February 14th at the New Castle Semi-State.  Readers, we hope you can make it out to support these fine student athletes.