Multiple Teams · Beech Grove High School Junior Varsity Softball beat Southport High School 11-2

Monday, May 15, 2017

5:30 PM

Southport High School

Beech Grove High School

Game Recap

The Lady Hornets held the Cardinals scoreless for 2 innings. A ball was hit in the gap with 2 base runners on and 2 runs scored. The Lady Hornets increased their lead to 7-2 in the in the 3rd inning. Olivia Marschke pitched the entire game with a one-hitter, while the Hornet defense ate up everything hit to them. In the 6th inning the lead was increase to 11-2. Allysan Wiggington, Hannah Horsley, Kaylah Johnson, Destiny Luna, and Kayley Capps all went 4 for 4, each with RBI’s on hits.