Boys Junior Varsity Basketball · The Perfect Season

Article written by student contributor: Jonathan Danz

This Winter Sports season was a very exciting one.  The boys junior varsity had an amazing season, going 21-0. The boys’ perfect season shows that the future of Beech Grove basketball is very bright. JV Head Coach Mike Renfro called the season a “success” and was quoted as saying, “The boys worked as hard as they could. Did the best they could, and captured a pretty magical season.  I believe [this was] the first undefeated season for a high school basketball team here.  So definitely a success.” Coach Renfro was asked about his coaching and how he believed it helped the boys go undefeated. He said, “Well as a coach you don’t wanna take that much credit for it.  You just kinda instruct them on what to do, where to go, and the players play. So more than anything, I think the kids bought into it.  They had a good chemistry together, shared the basketball very well, and that right there led to a lot of productivity out on the floor and led to a lot of wins.”  When Coach Renfro was asked about who he expects to lose to varsity next year and who he expects to gain from the middle school he stated, “We got a lot of good things coming up, especially from our middle school feeding system.  Our freshman team went 18-2, but as you know, you got seniors and they graduate.  Kids that play on the junior varsity and freshman teams thats what they’re playing for to build up to get to varsity level.  So we’ll definitely lose some players, but for us it’s a good thing for the varsity level as well.” As expected Coach Renfro was very excited for his team to go undefeated and he is looking forward to the future of Beech Grove basketball.  The basketball program as a whole had a lot to celebrate this season.  Varsity went  19-6 and earned another trip to sectional finals.