Hornets News · BG Marching Band Heads to State

The Beech Grove Marching Hornets are headed to the ISSMA State Marching Band Finals.  There is something special about a program that consistently performs at a high level.  If you start asking questions and look beyond the performance, you will notice a sprawling network of individuals who are dedicated to seeing the program thrive.  Band director, Cory Wynn, puts in countless hours along side assistant directors Josh Goodman and Chad Barton, but that just scratches the surface when it comes to the people needed to develop an award winning band.  What many people don’t see is the student dedication and the time commitment that goes into performing in the marching band.  Students sweat it out on the hot black top over the summer and stay late into the evening once school starts back up.  As cold weather moves in, you can still find the Marching Hornets practicing their movements and refining the various musical segments.  Mr. Wynn describes his students as “determined and tenacious” as they prep for their state performance in the cold and wind.  Preparation is so much more than just memorizing the notes.  The music is nuanced with dynamic changes and multiple sections to evoke different emotions from the listeners.  The choreographed movements interact with moving props and the color guard that are visually impactful as well.  Finally, a state worth performance cannot be accomplished without the parental support happening in the background.  They are not only making sure students are making it to rehearsal, but parents assist in fundraising, set building, providing food, and help with loading equipment.

We caught up with band director Cory Wynn to learn more about this year’s performance and the inner workings of his marching band.  We asked Mr. Wynn to give us a background into the theme of this year’s performance From the Outside In.  Here is what he had to say,

“Music is arranged specifically for us by Craig Fitzpatrick.  Craig is a composer/arranger that does a great job of highlighting the strengths and hiding the weaknesses of our ensemble.  The tunes we use are “Saro – The Westerlies” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azj-wNG2ocQ – We thought this tune would be great to highlight a few of our better brass players that start the show (Cameron Reed, Jayden Bow, Drew Ferguson) Our 2nd Tune is called, “My Body is a Cage” by Peter Gabriel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTZQ2IB_x7c  This tune was famously (in the band world) used by Santa Clara Vanguard when they won the World Championships is 2018.  We put our own spin on it and highlight a few of our awesome performers – Alex Geiger – Mellophone, Logan Summit- Soprano Sax, and Miles Bowden- Tenor Sax)  These students are pretty remarkable musicians and have been getting many praises from audiences and judges all season.”

Beyond the musical excellence that his band has shown, Mr. Wynn had this to say about his students, “I’m proud that they are good kids and have represented our school and community very well all season.”

The state competition is this Saturday, November 9th at Lucas Oil Stadium.  The Beech Grove Marching Hornets will perform at 2:20 pm.   Awards will be announced starting at 3:50.  For additional info on parking and admission click here.

Finally, we wanted to share the thank you note that Mr. Wynn wrote to parents and those involved in the band program.  He is absolutely correct that it takes a village.

Congratulations to the 2019 Beech Grove Marching Hornets for a great performance that earned a spot in ISSMA State Finals! It was a cool and breezy day at Decatur Central, but our performers were relentless in their efforts to continue to achieve at a high level of excellence. It takes a village to put on a production, and we are fortunate to have so many awesome people involved in our program. Countless hours of hard work have been dedicated to giving our students an opportunity to succeed. Thank you to our parents and volunteers for constantly making sure we are prepared to do well. From loading equipment, preparing and serving food, sewing flags, making props and uniforms, or generously donating food and materials to our kids,they are tenacious in their support of our students! We are also blessed to have an incredible design team and instructional staff that dedicate their time to our Beech Grove kids. I am especially proud of our generous and talented alumni that give their time to help teach our current students. It is humbling to witness and to be part of an organization of people that represent our school and community with class and pride. Good luck,Marching Hornets and have a great performance at Lucas Oil on Saturday.