Hornets News · BGMS Jim Newport Nominees and Three Sport Award Winners

The Jim Newport Student Athlete of the Year Award is given each year to one 8th grade boy and one 8th grade girl who exemplify in our sports’ programs those traits best set forth by long-time athletic director and coach, Jim Newport.  Included in these traits are dedication to oneself and school, willingness to listen to coaches and strive for team success, and perseverance both on the athletic fields and in the classroom. The nominees were:


Lilly DaileyLilly is a three-sport student/athlete.  She was an outstanding swimmer this year! She began swimming as a 6th grader and worked hard all three years to get where she is right now. Her 8th grade year truly reflected that hard work, as she was the best backstroker and 400 swimmer. Not many swimmers want to swim the 400, but Lilly strived on it and had a lot of success. She was also great at the backstroke. Lilly was named co-MVP this year because of her hard work and her dedication to the sport. The coaches love Lilly because she has a fun, spunky, and happy-go-lucky spirit.

Hannah Webster – Hannah has been a dedicated runner for the cross country program since she started.    She puts forth 100% effort at all times.  She is an outstanding leader to other athletes her age and younger setting good examples to follow on the course and in the classroom.  Hannah has never missed a practice or meet unless there was a scheduling conflict, which shows true care and commitment for the sport, her self betterment, and team successes.  She worked hard everyday to improve herself even if she did not have anyone to challenge her and persevered through pain and sickness in meets she probably should have sat out.  Hannah is a competitor.  She knows who she is going to be up against from other schools and does research to set goals to prepare herself to come out on top.  Hannah truly knows the value of setting goals unlike some others her age and not only strides to meet them in certain races or against certain competition, but sets them for the season as a whole.  She is dedicated not only to her sport, but school and in her spare time of practice, meets, keeping A/B Honor Roll status, participating in other clubs, cheering on and supporting her teammates and friends at other extra curricular events. Running is both an individual and team sport.  Hannah accomplished a lot in one season ending with her best time of 12:12, receiving 6-1st place medals including the Beech Grove Invite, finished 9th out of 111 total runners at the Whiteland Invite, and finished 29th out of 195 total runners at the Brown County Invite.  Alongside her work ethic on the course, and in the classroom, she is super goofy and has a great personality.  Hannah has a great outlook on life and others enjoy being around her, peers and staff.  She has a bright future ahead of her and her coaches can’t wait to see the many victories to come.

Lillianna Jansen Lillianna always strives for success. She’s had straight A’s all year, is a member of the Ambassadors and is a three-sport athlete.  Her teachers comment that she is an absolute pleasure to have in class and is always willing to help others.  Lillianna really listens to her coaches, and takes heed to what is said. She will stay after a drill or practice and ask what she can work on, or speak up during the drill to get clarification. Lillianna practices and works out in her free time to improve her skills.  She exemplifies leadership, promotes positive attitude (even to her coaches!), and is a wonderful role model to her teammates, friends, and siblings. Her kind spirit allows people to want to do better and work harder.  She is definitely an ideal student/athlete.

Malone Moore Malone is a leader in the classroom, on the field, on the court, and whatever she is involved in. Holding straight A’s in all honors classes, combined with participating in five school sports, as well as travel softball, she is the epitome of a hard worker, and a dedicated student-athlete. Aside from excelling in the classroom and sports, she’s well respected by her peers and teachers and is a role model to the younger generation.  Malone volunteers her time to help mentor other students and has made connections with some students who have trouble opening up socially.  Malone also volunteers her time  to assist with school projects like the yearbook.  She is always at school bettering herself after hours, putting in the work necessary, going out of her comfort zone to become the best student, athlete, teammate, and person possible.  Even after a long day filled with school, practice, and volunteering, she continues to push herself by coming back to school to lift weights or practice on her own some nights until 9 pm. or later.  These are the reasons why Malone is a nationally ranked softball player for the class of 2024. When she does have a little spare time, she loves to give pitching lessons to young, aspiring pitchers from the BG community.  This one will be a joy to watch and see what she conquers academically and athletically throughout high school and college. Once again, Malone is a model student, dedicated athlete and a compassionate young lady who is a great asset to our community which makes her a great candidate for this award. 

Kylee Robinson- Kylee is an incredible athlete. She is a hard-working student and sets the example of what a Hornet should be. She leads her team on and off the floor. Kylee gives her all with anything she puts her mind to! She is not only receptive to coaching, but seeks out additional guidance and advice on how to do better. She is selfless, and she puts the success of the team before her individual desires. Kylee is uplifting and motivating to her teammates; her energy and determination is contagious. She is a leader by example; her teammates look to her in times of success and times of struggle. Kylee gives 110% no matter what the scoreboard shows and no matter if you are in a practice or a tournament championship. She balances her athletic success with her academic success.  Kylee exemplifies student leadership as a Hornet Mentor and a wonderful volleyball team captain. Her coaches have watched her grow from the time she played in the BG youth league, impressing them with her drive, athleticism and leadership through her 8th grade year. Kylee is always looking for ways to better not only herself on the court, but also ways to improve her team. She exemplifies all the traits of this prestigious award.



Julius Florence Julius has the unique quality of being a quiet calm leader. He doesn’t make a lot of noise, he leads with his actions. His peers were slow to recognize his leadership at the beginning of the season, but by the end it was apparent who they were trying to emulate.  Julius is a great example of a student-athlete. He performs as well in the classroom as he does on the mat. He is always trying to help his teammates with whatever struggles they are encountering. His coaches are excited to see Julius move on to the high school and mature into a young man both in the classroom and on the mat. They are confident he will make BGMS proud.

Eron FreemanEron is a three sport student/athlete and an honor roll student.  Even though track was cancelled this year, Eron’s coaches believe he would be a great candidate for the Jim Newport Athletic award. Last year, Eron ran the 400 yd dash. He could have easily been one of the sprinters, but he and the coaches realized that his talents would best help the team as a 400 runner. The first race that Eron had as a 400 runner, he shot out from the gun and started sprinting. His coaches didn’t believe there was any way he could keep that pace. Sure enough, he won the race and had a great time of 59.84. Eron had a great attitude towards doing what was best for the team.  Eron is everything you want in a student athlete. On the football field, Eron had one of the best years the Hornets have seen in awhile. As one of the leaders of the Hornets, he led the football team to back-to-back conference champs and back-to-back undefeated seasons. Eron is unique on the football field, his combination of football smarts and athletic ability led to many touchdowns and yards gained as a running back this year. Whenever the offense was stagnant, Eron was the spark that could get the team rolling. However, the reason for his success was not because of his ability alone. Eron showed up everyday like it was game day. When he was on the practice field, you could not tell if it was gameday or just another practice, he brought the same intensity each day. Eron has everything a coach wants, an undeniable work ethic, he was coachable and respected. The most important part of a student athlete is being a student. Eron applies the same work ethic in the classroom as he does on the field. He has continued to put in the work each day to learn and make the grades each day. His coaches hope that he keeps that same spirit and leadership up through his sporting career!   Eron is the perfect student athlete and it has been a pleasure to coach this young man.

Cole HessThrough his character, Cole is a leader on and off the court.  He is dedicated, passionate and hard working.  Cole spends many hours developing his craft on the floor.  He works hard to develop both his strengths and weaknesses.  We always want athletes that are dedicated to their sport, but first and foremost we want them focused on their education.  Cole has earned Honor Roll status both in the 7th and 8th grade years.  He works tirelessly to be the best that he can be both on and off the court.  Cole exemplifies all of the characteristics of what we want our Hornet athletes to be.


Girl’s Award Winners (8th Grade)

Caitlyn Brooks – Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Softball and Track

Malone Moore – Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Softball

Aubree Bailey – Cross Country, Basketball and Softball

Zoe Carr – Volleyball, Wrestlerette and Track

Maleah Fitzgerald – Volleyball, Basketball and Swimming

Lilly Dailey – Cross Country, Golf and Swimming

Holly Garrett – Volleyball, Basketball and Softball

Fiona Keenan – Cross Country, Cheerleading and Track

Amira Mills – Volleyball, Swimming and Softball

Raegan Knauer – Volleyball, Wrestlerette and Track

Miranda Underwood – Cross Country, Swimming and Tennis


Girl’s Award Winners (7th Grade)

Alyssa Westerfield – Cross Country, Cheerleading, Basketball and Track

Nevaeh Lyte – Volleyball, Swimming and Track

Emma Micks – Volleyball, Basketball and Track

Jessica Scott – Cross Country, Basketball and Softball

Alicen Stevens – Volleyball Swimming and Softball

Brookelynne Rucker – Cross Country, Basketball and Softball

Jovi Storms – Cross Country, Basketball and Softball

Alyssa Stone – Cross Country, Softball and Track


Boy’s Award Winners (8th Grade)

Eric Freeman – Football, Basketball, Wrestling and Track

Jackson Brandenburg – Soccer, Basketball and Baseball

Eron Freeman – Football, Wrestling and Track

Simeon McIntosh – Soccer, Basketball and Baseball

Parker Pettigrew – Cross Country, Soccer and Wrestling

Ian Thompson – Football, Wrestling and Baseball


Boy’s Award Winners (7th Grade)

Derik Moreno-Fierro – Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball and Track

David Carney – Soccer, Wrestling and Golf

Ja’Varrea Cooper – Football, Wrestling and Track

Griffin Matracia – Tennis, Basketball and Baseball

Michael Moore – Football, Basketball and Baseball