Hornets News · Brandon Winters Coach’s Profile

Over the holiday break, Brandon Winters was named as the new head football coach to lead the Hornets next season.  Winters comes to Beech Grove from nearby Southport High School.  With ten years of experience as an assistant coach and five years of experience as a head coach at Southport, Coach Winters knows what it takes to run a successful program.  As a football player himself, Brandon Winters knew he wanted to start coaching as soon as his playing career ended.  During his junior year of college, he took his first coaching position.  After a few years working as a defensive coordinator and working closely with the head coach he was hooked.  He knew eventually he wanted the opportunity to lead his own program.

As an assistant coach, Winters worked under Bill Peebles who led the Cardinals to two sectional championships.  The Cardinals were also two-time Conference Indiana champions during that time.  Coach Winters mentioned Bill Peebles as his most notable mentor saying, “He hired me with no experience and helped me grow as a coach and teacher.  The most important thing I learned from him is to make every player better regardless of their talent.”  Using that mindset, Winters wants players to leave his program knowing that their teammates and coaches will always have their back.  He views football as the ultimate team game where positive relationships are key.  Coach Winters said, “You have to learn to trust others, and they have to be able to trust you.  Relationships are built through working hard and facing adversity together.”  He recognizes that no matter the players’ backgrounds, they will all face the same struggles through football.  That shared experience will hopefully lead to life-long friendships that the players can always count on.

When asked about some of his proudest moments in football Winters choose not to list off winning seasons or to reminisce over hard-fought victories.  Instead, he talked about the support that football can bring to young students.  He said, “My proudest coaching moments have been seeing kids that don’t have much direction and struggle socially and academically find football and use our support system to get on track to be successful.”  Those are the moments to be proud of and it is why athletics can be an important tool in schools.  Winters mentioned that some of those students have gone on to coach other students or have even worked on his staff.  He said, “It has been awesome to see them provide kids with the same support that helped them become successful.”

This summer when he is not working with the team you may find Coach Winters out on the golf course where he is an avid golfer.  As a competitive person, he mentions golf as an ideal sport for him as it is impossible to master.   It allows him to compete with himself or whoever he is playing with.

The Beech Grove Athletic Department wants to welcome Coach Winters to the Beech Grove community and we wish him the best of luck as he begins developing his program.